EUSC 2018 – Country Competition

Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim Award for Young Urologists

The application is now closed
The Presentation and Award Ceremony will be held on 2nd November 2018 from 14:30 – 15:15 in Main Session Hall

7th Emirates International Urological Conference & 15th Annual Arab Association of Urology Conference (EUSC 2018) Committee invites young urologists to present their research work to be eligible for Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim Award

The award ceremony will be held during EUSC 2018, in honor of Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim who is one of the founders of the Urology and Nephrology Center for Management of Renal and Urological Disorders (a World Health Organization collaborating centre located in Mansoura, Egypt). Also, he is one of the creators of the Arab Association of Urology, He is a member of the International Society of Urology, and a member of both the British and the American Urology Associations. Dr. Ghoneim is a world leader in Kidney transplants; general and specialised urology operations; prostate disease; tumours of the genito-urinary system; renal stone removal; urology; endoscopic surgery; laparoscopic surgery; and the correction of congenital anomalies

Dr. Ghoneim is also the recipient of the Egyptian National Scientific Award, 2001, and was a nominee for the European Urology Society annual award in 2004. He was the winner of the SIU-Félix Guyon Medal (2006). Dr. Ghoneim served as annual president of the Endourology Society in 1987.

We invite each Arab Society to nominate 2-3 participants towards the competition.

Best 10 participants will be short listed by an international panel of leaders in the field of Urology based on the short list selection criteria mentioned below.


10 best participants will get a chance to represent in the country competition session during the EUSC 2018

3 best presenters at the country competition session will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze – Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim Award Medal

Eligibility Criteria

  • The society of the applicant should be a member of Arab Association of Urology.
  • Applicant should submit a letter of support from his/her local society.
  • Submissions accepted only from those below 40 years of age.

Short list Selection Criteria

The jury will evaluate the work (research, applied, clinical trials, technique, new technology etc….) based on the below criteria for shortlisting the best 10 to represent the country competition session:

  • Novelty of the Idea
  • Innovation and introduction of new technology.
  • Design of the work
  • Work added value work
  • Current or future application
  • Change of current practice
  • Engagement in community health care
  • Presentation skills

Applications should be submitted using the application form no later than Thursday 16th August 2018 to  The award winner will be notified on Sunday 16th September 2018