Urethral bulking agents (UBA) Workshop | Workshop 11
By IUGA in Collaboration with Arab School of Urology
Sponsored by: Contura

Fawzy Farag, Abdalla Fayyad, Mikkola Tomi

3rd November 2018, 8:30 am – 10:30 am
USD 100 – (workshop only)


DescriptionStress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a common problem that significantly impacts quality of life in women. Urethral bulking agents (UBA) provide a minimally invasive method for correcting intrinsic sphincter deficiency in an outpatient setting.
Arab School of Urology provides urologists with latest updates on UBA through a two hours workshop lead by world renowned figures in the field of functional urology.
The workshop aims to present the current updates on urethral bulking agent’s application in daily urological practice. By completing the workshop, delegates will be expected to learn about current evidence, indications, and available varieties of UBA in treatment of SUI, do Hands-on-training on the surgical methods followed in applying UBA in treatment of SUI, and Learn

Program Schedule

08:30-09:50Current Evidence of Bulking Agent Treatment of SUI
Fawzy Farag
08:50-09:10Indication of Bulking Agent
Abdalla Fayyad
09:10-09:30Tips and Tricks in Bulking Agent Technique
Mikkola Tomi
09:30-10:30Hands - on Training, Fawzy Farag, Abdalla Fayyad, Mikkola Tomi